Artist Marie Eriksson

I have always had a great interest in mankind.  Being human, what makes us who we are, how do we influence each other, how do we develop, what driving forces and defense mechanisms shape us. Creativity has a big part in our development both as individuals and also as an unity.

There are many interesting areas around our existence and it was that curiosity that made me choose to study at the university and there I got my Degree of Bachelor of Science in Social Work. For several years I worked as a socialworker and had the privilege of meeting many people and live destanies.

Over time, my longing to develop my creativity became stronger and at the same time a lot changed in my life and I was given the opportunity to focus on my creation.  It was when I came in contact with the free creation that my creativity rejoiced and I could dive deep into the possibilities of art.

It is and has been an incredibly exciting journey that enriches my life every day.  Over the years I have painted pictures, made sculptures, embroidered, sewn, crocheted and developed my writing more and more.

I am an active artist in Dalarna and I live in the beautiful community of Rättvik.  In spring, summer and autumn, I spend my time painting in my summer studio in my home village of Garsås.  My summer studio is called Atelje Simåne.

Atelje Simåne is a special place in Dalarna that has been owned by my family for generations.  The place is located in the end of the village of Garsås and consists of two large painting barns that gives room not only for creativity to expand but also to paint in silence in harmony with nature.  Atelje Simåne is the place where my creativity finds new paths and bursts into full bloom!

The creative process

In my creation, I have a free approach to art.  This means that I explore with the greatest curiosity the impulses that are awakened in me and with high level of playfulness I set out on a journey of discovery in the world of art.

When I create I free myself from limitations and put my trust in my creativity and in the creative process.  I release thoughts about ideas, theories and techniques.  There are no musts and demands for me in the creative field.

I let my intuition and longing guide me and after a while my personal expression emerges.  That's when my unique self made an impression in the picture and that's when I feel l I've landed and come home.  Come home in me and come home in my work.

Expressing myself in writing is close to my heart and I often put words to my creations.  Sometimes I share both the painting/sculpture and my thoughts in writing.

To me being a creative person is the key to all of life's richness and joy, freedom and community.  For me  art and life belongs together. They are one.


2003- to date
Ongoing further education in Vedic Art. Continuing courses, theme courses and advanced courses.

Trained Vedic Art teacher Block C.
With authorization to hold continuing courses in Vedic Art.

Trained Vedic Art teacher Block A and Block B. Authorized to hold basic courses in Vedic Art.

Basic course Vedic Art
Continuing course Vedic Art

Degree of Bachelor of Science in Socal Work


Juried exhibitions

Mora Vårsalong 2009 Jury Nygårds Karin Bengtsson

Mora Vårsalong 2011 Jury Peter Johansson

Dalakonst 2013 Jury Anna Fjällbäck

Borlänge Julsalong 2016 group jury

Dalakonst 2017 Jury Hannu Remes

Mora Vårsalong 2017 Jury Malin Holmberg

Dalakonst 2019 Jury Gabriel Jonsson

Mora Vårsalong 2021 Jury Karin Sten

Dalakonst 2021 Jury Åsa Carnelid- Wickman

Mora Vårsalong 2022 Jury Anders Ståhl

Mora Vårsalong 2023 Jury Malin Östberg och Anna Hedström

Separate exhibitions

Galleri Dalagatan 1 Orsa 2005

Mora Kulturhus 2005

Galleri Gummesons Stockholm 2006

Galleri Dalagatan 1 Orsa 2006

Galleri Slim and Tone Mora januari 2008

Galleri Slim and Tone Mora oktober 2008

Mora Kulturhus 2011

Agners Galleri Gävle 2015

Atelje Simåne Garsås 2021

Galleri Grönland Malung 2022

Atelje Simåne Garsås 2022

Mora Kulturhus 2023

Collective exhibitions

Mora Julsalong 2011

Folkets hus Säter 2011

Konst i kvadrat Falun 2013

Konst i Kvadrat Falun 2016

Lisselbyutställningen Mora 2016

Konstpromenad vid Siljans strand Nusnäs 2016

Konstpromenad vid Siljans strand Nusnäs 2017

Konstpromenad vid Siljans strand Nusnäs 2018

Lisselbyutställningen Mora 2023

Konstpromenad vid Siljans strand Nusnäs 2023